Excellent video. Thank you for all you do from the U.K.

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Very well said. This goes for Canada, too.

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Thank you for a super informative post! It was featured in the inaugural issue of CanadianShareableNews https://canadianshareablenews.substack.com/p/csn-week-1-march-25-2024-vol-1-issue

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Follow FLCCC net, website. These doctors have put together amazing protocols.

Buy your IVM (ivermectin) from Indiamart com, it is very inexpensive $20 / 100 12mg tablets, it has saved my family, friends, and myself from the VAX and COVID-19 harms. It works extremely quickly if you follow the FLCCC protocols.

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People would be healthier if they took no vaccines....ever. Its completely unnatural and its hurting way more people than those charts claim. They just never put two and two together. Lots of sicknesses would disappear without vaccines and then and only then would the whole truth come out.

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Hello Dr. Trozzi….excellent presentation. I thought you may be interested in my substacks related to some of your slides in your presentation. Please see the following Chart of the Day (CotD) :

Jan.22, 2024 Canada Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Events : https://eldric.substack.com/p/chart-of-the-day-cotd-canada-covid-ff4

Nov.14, 2023 Canada All Cause Mortality and Excess Deaths : https://eldric.substack.com/p/chart-of-the-day-cotd-canada-all

September 25, 2023 British Columbia Covid : https://eldric.substack.com/p/chart-of-the-day-cotd-british-columbia-c05

May 18, 2023 Covid-19 Health Outcomes by Vaccination Status : https://eldric.substack.com/p/chart-of-the-day-cotd-covid-19-health

April 20, 2023 Prince Edward Island Covid-19 : https://eldric.substack.com/p/chart-of-the-day-cotd-prince-edward

December 21, 2023 United Kingdom Covid and Excess Deaths : https://eldric.substack.com/p/chart-of-the-day-cotd-united-kingdom

All the best,

Eldric Vero

Vancouver Island BC

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