Mark, did you notice that this review paper that you’ve cited (which is not a detailed study and hence has no Methods section) has no reference for their opening line about “the virus”?

“The virus that caused COVID-19 was first named “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2” (SARS-CoV-2) in February 2020 in recognition of the disease’s pulmonary symptoms and the lung’s role as its initial target organ, as with its SARS predecessor.”

The authors didn’t attempt to give a reference to a study showing the existence of the alleged “virus” – probably because there are none… and if they were to cite the pseudoscientific “isolation” studies we could easily pull them apart.

It’s distressing that are you still promoting this scary weaponized “virus” narrative that has zero valid scientific evidence behind it.

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Circular reasoning is de rigueur.

Let's say you hire a private investigator to look into a recent and sudden spate of illness and death in your community.

Nothing noticeable has changed whatsoever in your community so everyone is puzzled and alarmed by what is happening and what is causing these deaths.

The investigator comes back unable to find anything, after weeks of looking into the matter, has found no concrete evidence and declares that what has beset the community is an invisible submicroscopic particle floating through the air.

What would you do? Accept this at face value? Fire the guy and hire someone else? Keep looking for other more tangible explanations?

The above is a true story- with only an embellished wrinkle- that illustrates the madness of looking for an invisible particle floating through the air to explain that which has already been explained at length and with concrete evidence by many people.

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And the investigator cites numerous rumors of such submicroscopic particles being found, isolated, sequenced and photographed, but cannot provide a single example or cite. :=)

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That was an awesome presentation clearly explaining a complex topic. Thank you.

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This is really fascinating and eye opening. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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