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Thank you Doc Trozzi for speaking with James. I have been following you both for the past 4 years and your tireless efforts on behalf of human beings is heroic. I hope and pray that somehow the evil WHO and all that support this corrupt organization will fail. Their lies, manipulation and coersion are endless and people are slowly realizing this. Blessings to you both

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Excellent, EXCELLENT discussion!!

I particularly loved his "walking people back from the ledge" remarks.

When you think about all of the stupid (largely money-driven) decisions humans have made over time, it's astonishing that there are still 8+ billion people on the planet.

Seriously -- think about the mass intentional and accidental poisonings, vaxx programs and other big pharma interventions, mass pesticide use, wars, etc. Humans are far more resilient as a species than most think.

And absolutely ... it does feel like we're living in a badly written Hollywood movie script. (I'm thinking one of the old Godzilla movies, lol.)

Finally: "State-mandated Germaphobia" -- I'm SO STEALING that!!! Thanks!

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Humble additional suggestion to move the needle:

Pet owners need to increase their push-back against this same sick "medical" ideology in veterinary medicine. Actually, many of the toxic measures applied to humans started with the animals.

Don't believe me? Try not vaccinating your dog. Not only will you end up on the defensive with a vet anytime the dog actually needs special care, but try and travel with an unvaccinated pet. Nearly all kennels, day cares, and many hotels, etc. require "proof of vaccination." This was an early test-run for vaccine passports.

Veterinary medicine is FULL of fear porn and manipulation. We are expected to poison our pets monthly as a "preventative" for parasites. The number of vaccines is ridiculous. There are many other examples.

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