Dear staff of CPSO,

I'm writing in support of Dr. Mark Trozzi.

Who by far is not the only Conventional Doctor to shed light on the grave issues of our day. Many very ethical Doctors are speaking out. If you condemn Dr. Trozzi eventually the majority of society will see the CPSO as a corrupt regulator. Not a great business model. It's obvious to anyone curious enough to do the research! We live in the information age.

I Googled Bio Digital Convergence. It is on the Canadian Government Policy pages. I've seen the microscope work of Hero Dr. Ana Mihalcea MD Ph.D. (anamihalceamdphd. substack. com). I've seen the work of a Live Blood Analyst out of Ontario (Kelly Bacher's Substack) showing the same findings. Many are showing the same findings. All one has to do is look. Synthetic Biology is biology mixed with technology and technology mixed with biology. Otherwise known as Cross Domain Bacteria, Hydrogel, Nanotubes, Nanowires. It causes our red blood cells to stick together. This disables their normal function. Hydrogels are built to connect the body to the computer. This is also shortening longevity and causing massive disease. I know that the higher-ups know all of this. The term New Normal was not used for no reason!

How long do you think it will be before the majority of Canadians figure this out? More citizens are open to looking each day. I've spoken to some very angry damaged Seniors who do not want to spend their remaining time fighting in Courts. But those with more drive will.

Your regulating body will save face if you realize you are all out in the open.

Kind regards,

S. Smith

Ontario Citizen PSW.

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I'm loving your work Dr. Trozzi! I write Canadian Apple Pie on Substack. I hope to share more of your work here. I love this platform! Thanks again for all of the amazing work you do. I'm a fan of words. I think it is amazing that we are so different from animals; and God gifted us the ability to speak read and write! That proves God to me. Your stance I admire so much! Your wife and family are lucky to have you! And so are we! I hope all of humanity comes out of the darkness into the light. We are in the information age! PS I'm an old PSW with experience in Home Care & LTC. A loved one of mine in medical device sales did an in-service in which you were present year's ago. I was so happy to hear that. You are the real deal❣️🙏🇨🇦

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