I look forward to the "Wins of the week", Thank you both!

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Something is rotten in the country of Canada.

It is called 'The Bank Act' but should be called 'The De-Banking Act'. I have included the link to the government website so you can read the act and verify that what I am concerned about is real.


Under Section 21 it says (1) Subject to subsections (2) and (4), banks shall not carry on business, and authorized foreign banks shall not carry on business in Canada, after June 30, 2025.

I think this law should be struck from the books, and I want to know why my credit union thinks this law isn't real, at least publicly. When I wrote them they denied that it existed, even though I sent the government link as proof.

I then pointed out in a follow-up email that Constitutional attorney Shawn Buckley mentioned The Bank Act in an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts a few weeks ago, but got the silent treatment from them.

Something dastardly is up, in my humble opinion. If there are no banks, how will people transact in the economy? With chips implanted in their hands? Dependent on AI and the global cabal?

I hope you and Vaccine Choice Canada will give this some thought and perhaps devise a plan for action with other groups to convince Parliament to cancel that section of the Bank Act, since we will all be affected.

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Here's something else that I saw a few months back. - Almost 3-1/2 years ago, I said to my son. "Stock up on Silver and Gold." and he said, that they have no intrinsic value but instead, he continued, "Seeds ,Water and ammo." Stock up on EVERYTHING and deal with your Community. Here is C.A. FITTS 10 months ago. https://odysee.com/@AussieFighter:8/Catherine-Austin-Fitts%2C--The-Great-Reset:3

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Yes, Catherin Austen Fitts is a wise woman. My feeling is this. PANIC!!! Something no one wants to admit. By starting a panic within the financial institutions ,we can only guess what could happen. Look at History, as you most likely know, when panic started there were RUNS and people cashed out their hard in savings that facilitated the Great Depression in '29.

THEY KNOW but won't admit it openly OR publicly. My best advice is buy Gold or better yet, Silver Maples in Canada. $5.00 face Value but are trading/ selling for anywhere from $36.00 to $42.00 each. It is two of the most tangible assets that one can have during hard times. One Silver Maple is (As far as I'm concerned) equivalent to 8 dozen eggs. Or buy Copper coins as well. Smaller the denomination ,the better. Easier to barter with. You can get them at any Silver and Gold shop. Most towns and cities deal with them.

Thank-you for that information . Regards RMRoss

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Start dealing with your local Credit Unions. They do trade in the community.

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Dr. Trozzi,

Thank you for the news.

Here's something you maybe can use as you continue to educate regarding the Crime Against Humanity. Excellent interview, and it complements work by Kevin McKernan.

Health Alliance Australia interview with Dr. Kevin W. McCarin 2/14/24

"Misfolded proteins caused by prions can impact every level organ and tissue system in the body, bioaccumulate and are resistant to degradation, thereby building up in the environment . . ."


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Thank-you so much for this, Dr Mark Trozzi and Mr Ted Kuntz,

Health Canada got a failing grade years ago when Canadian Terence H. Young went after "G.S. Kline." for making the drug "Prepulsid" (Cisapride) w/o letting the doctors prescribing it know it's harmful effects for patients with Low QT syndrome ( ?) or Heart arrythmia. (From memory) Mr Young lost his 15 year old daughter to this drug. He took "THEM" to court and won. Wrote the book "Death by Prescription." This book has good information (Insider reports)

Thank-you so much for ALL of this. I send it everywhere and encourage my friends and family to share with their people.

Thank GOD for you both.

xo Rolonne Marie Ross

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kudos to you guys keep up the good work =you are an example to the medical field for good

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Thanks for all the news, Dr Trozzi.

I'm based in France, and enjoy receiving news from Canada.

Thanks also for supplying the link to the film of the book The Real Anthony Fauci. Appreciate it 😘

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If you're serious about getting your message(s) out, why do you deliberately impede/prevent download accessibility for those of us with video saving software, or otherwise fail to provide a button or link for your posted videos? Is there a money angle here, or what??

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Mar 10·edited Mar 10

Had the pleasure of listening to lawyer Jeffrey Rath speak in Calgary during the peaceful weekly freedom rallies...the rallies that mayor Gondek tried to shut down.

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could Federal Court Justice Henry Brown be the lesser magistrate we need to get back the canada we grew up being proud of and is now a laughing stock internationally (excluding the truckers of course)?

looking forward to more wins!

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Dr. Trozzi, if you are not aware DARVO is an acronym used in psychology, https://www.verywellmind.com/protecting-yourself-from-darvo-abusive-behavior-7562730

It is used by narcissists: Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim Offender to shift the blame back onto the person trying to make the point. It does not surprise us to know that Saskatchewan's Scott Moe is being called "immoral" when the feds tried to turn the table on him, calling him "immoral".

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Extremely naive to think anyone is gonna go to jail for any of it after everything weve seen.

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I am pretty sure the Bank Act includes credit unions.

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Hey now! Enough of bashing fauci... He IS the science afterall... 🙄🤦

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Oh and when you mention the smallest cell possible for this piece of garbage human, i envision a cell about the size of a telephone booth, so he can't even lay down. Nothing more than a toilet in there. He can eat on it and sleep on it all day and all night long. Doesn't even have a flusher on it. All of his food can be GMO crickets

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Awesome job as always. I too really look forward to these reports each week. I am so glad that you Dr. Trozzi, Dr. Philips et al, and the nurses you referenced, are still with us and on the Covid Hero's List....and NOT on the list of dead doctors in Ontario which Dr. Makis has exposed, who obediently and unquestioningly took the jab. Such a waste of life, skills and talent, which we are already short of in Canada!

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Dear Dr Mark Trozzi and Ted Kuntz ;

Here is an updated version with Catherine Austen Fitts -Urban Dev and Financial expert under the Bush Jr admin. She is now living in the Netherlands. She had enough of the corruption over the past 25 plus years. "The Great PUSH-BACK" ( January 5/ 24 ) https://odysee.com/@DavidKnightShow:1/INTERVIEW-Catherine-Austin-Fitts-The-Great-Pushback-Against-Globalism:7

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My favourite substack - WofW!

I forward this to all my 150+ fedbook friends- keep them coming.

After the health authorities are shipped off to GITMO (under the global operation initiated in the US) I nominate you two guys for the Order of Canada - two of the greatest Canadian heroes of all time!!!

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