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Thanks so much for all you two do, incredible work & truly inspiring! Both of your perspectives are so refreshing… the world is lucky to have people like you here on this earth at this time!! I’m quite interested in the event you mentioned in Victoria BC coming up in June, but I can’t seem to find the link on this post? If someone could direct me to it, my whole family would be interested in finding out more & attending if possible! Thanks again 😊

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Ted will be at the Reclaiming Canada Conference in Victoria on June 21 to 23. At that same time I will be attending the Stronger Together conference in Manitoba https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/stronger-together-conference-tickets-886441990857. I will travel to BC on about June 23rd to join Ted; we then plan to hold multiple events in BC over the following week from June 23 to July 2 and hope to include Dr Makis, Dr Hoffe, and Dr Malthouse. We will have more information about those events soon.

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Dear Dr Mark Trozzi,

That's great news. If you're going up Island after meeting Ted, I hope you two connect with Brian Peckford in Parksville. I live on the Island near Parksville. Would sure like to meet you all soon after 4 years of watching your interviews starting with Rebel News. Can't believe we've been at this , this long.

Regards and God be with you all.

Rolonne Marie Ross

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Might you attend one of the Townhalls in BC Rolonne? They are listed in the recent tour post. I hope to meet you.

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Dear Dr Trozzi ,

Here is something you may be interested in . A little History of our Med system. (1910) I'm still reading. Not surprised and I'm sure you won't be either. Regards and have a lovely Conference /Vacation/ work-shop on taking back Canada.

Rolonne Marie Ross.


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Would love to. Hopefully, I'm not working that day.

Thank-you for the invitation.


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I just love getting these Wins emails. Thank you so much for these consolidations!!

I've yet to hear a "Yeah, you were right about that..." from anyone, but no matter. Wins are still Wins! 😊

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Dear Dr Mark Trozzi;,

Interview with BC Broadcaster Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson with Fiezz-er Insider Karen Kingston .

Very good & most all legal docs here. With G.C. from Kansas and 4 other states (So far) banding together to go after these bad guys.

God be with all of us <3 <3 <3

Regards RMRoss


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