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... and as pointed out by Donna Laframboise and her freedom convoy truckers blog, the illegally invoked Emergencies Act was implemented during Canada's newest holiday approved by the Senate in 2021. The holiday is entitled: KINDNESS WEEK, the third week of February. Oh, the irony...

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Thank you, Dr. Trozzi. Thanks for unselfishly taking the steps you have taken to help us understand what has been happening and for working so hard to share correct information. And thank your family for the sacrifices they have made.

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"BC Nurse, Corinne Mori, who refused to take the COVID jab, has exposed that significant funds was given to the BC nurse’s union from the NDP government. She claims the NDP paid 850 Million To the BC Nurses Union with the goal to secure their support for vaccine mandates. "

I have said all through this that ALL unions were compromised and paid off during this pandemic....how can we find out.....I want to know if CUPE was paid off.....

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Yes, go after them. ILWU (Warehouseman Union) were as well.

Some Harbour Pilots said NO WAY- No shot.

Hard to believe how long this has been going on. I was watching "Druther's" program on the BC Pilots and the big rally by Vancouver Ship yards. Seems so long ago. :(

Thanks for bringing that up. (My Uncle is a retired Coastal Pilot (2001)

My cousin took early retirement at 61 in 2021. God help us.

Regards RMRoss

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Unions representing Ontario hospital workers continue to label the province's staffing crisis at its breaking point. Some experts say continued COVID-19 vaccine mandates may inadvertently contribute to it.

How does the CPSO get around this elephant ?

Asking for Dr. Trozzi

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Yes, good one. How DO they ignore that atrocity?

They'll be running soon. Like rats on a sinking ship or The People will be chasing them out. Tar and Feather time. Regards RMRoss

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In the State of Wyoming, Rep. Sarah Penn is proposing a bill that would require all blood donated from someone who has received a COVID-19 vaccine to be labelled so blood recipients could then reject it if they want in non-emergency situations - https://cowboystatedaily.com/2024/02/08/wyoming-lawmaker-wants-to-label-donated-covid-vaccinated-blood/

This is taken from The Naked Emperor - Today's Must-Reads - 19 February 2024

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I wouldn't trust ANY of it.

Who will be doing the labelling??? :/

Regards RMRoss

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Although Todd Callender gave links below presentation in December '23 - I still feel that it is a "Win of the Week", because thanks to Ana Mihalcea's substack we now have the transcript & vid link.

The Weaponization of Public Health - Existing Legal Framework for Global Depopulation: Presentation by Todd Callender, Esq to The Government of the Republic of Croatia--Uploaded to Ana Mihalcea MD, PHD Substack (Transcript & Video Link)





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Dear Dr Mark Trozzi.

I'm very concerned for your health. I 've been watching you coughing and I believe this WHOLE ordeal is wearing you down, terribly. Please take a break from all of it for a while. Don't burn yourself out and get sick from "THEM" and their crapola. Stay well and God Bless you and yours.

Rolonne Marie Ross and Family.

P.S. Here's a story out of the M*A*S*H series.

"Humour is the Best Medicine."

Colonel Sherman Potter is dictating a short note to ICOR via Radar O'Reilly.

To Whom it may concern;

"We thank-you for our latest shipment of Spark plugs ,

when we ordered Rectal Thermometers"

Both are Useful articles but hardly interchangeable."

Yours truly,

Col Sherman T Potter M*A*S*H 4077.

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Off topic Dr. Tozzi,

I featured you in one of my Substack papers regarding Huaier Mushrooms: https://genevathatcher.substack.com/p/huaier-mushroom-effects-on-functional

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Shame we don’t have any positives in the U.K.

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This shows that they know we know....... silencing the truth.....coming to a country near you........This is not journalism but activism....

France’s Draft Law: Citizens Who Speak out against the Covid-19 Vaccine. “3 Years Prison and €45,000 Fine”

Oops: "Pfizer's "Secret" Report on the Covid Vaccine Says the Truth https://michelchossudovsky.substack.com/p/frances-draft-law-citizens-who-speak

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