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Over the last four years, our healthcare system and the pharma industry have been weaponized against us, the people. Our rights, the rule of law, science, and medical ethics have all been violated.

The greatest medical atrocities in history have been committed; with tens of millions of people killed and hundreds of millions injured.

My mission is to stop COVID-19 crimes, bring the perpetrators to justice, and advance the treatment of the injured, providing education to recover their health, fertility, and longevity.

I’m also dedicated to the advancement of legitimate health science, particularly in the broader spectrum of immune system health, cancer resolution, Type 2 Diabetes, atherosclerosis, and metabolic syndrome.

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Dr Mark Trozzi MD


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Dr Mark Trozzi, is a veteran ER physician and trauma expert, who has taught at three top medical schools. Since 2020, he's opposed the criminal COVID agenda, fighting for human rights, justice, and the World Council for Health.


Emergency Physician, Trauma Medicine Instructor, Covid Truther Teller, Health and Medical Science Researcher, Public Educator, Author, Human Rights Activist, World Council For Health leadership, www.drtrozzi.org www.worldcouncilforhealth.org